We must create environments that create support for learning. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to ensure that teachers and classrooms are equipped with the best possible resources to promote and facilitate the educational, social-emotional, and physical well-being of students. Equity and Access will be at the forefront of Victoria's mind as a decision maker on the Board of Education. As we explore the future of distance learning, Victoria will fight to push for higher expectations and do all she can to catch students up and provide them and staff the tools they need until the time we can return to the classroom safely. 



A great education has the real opportunity to transform lives. Quality schools can elevate communities and create enthusiasm for lifelong learning. For years, teachers and resources have been pushed to their limits. Our students deserve state of the art schools and highly qualified educators to prepare them for the future. Victoria will demand state lawmakers properly fund education and fight to bring much needed dollars to the district to ensure that students have access to the best facilities and resources for generations to come. Victoria will also invest in programs that actually deliver results and bring accountability and transparency back to the Board of Education. 

Enhanced emphasis on S.T.E.M

and the ARts

In Silicon Valley, our local economy is driven by the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Victoria believes that children deserve enriched and interactive learning environments. We must provide solid foundations for children in these areas, including in the Arts, to provide students a well-rounded education for our children's ever changing futures and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and the skills they need to succeed.  

Build relationships between all our community partners to promote the health and success of every child

The old adage goes, "it takes a village to raise a child." Our strength as a community is our diversity, as well as our access to Silicon Valley's wealth and knowledge. Even here however, the "digital divide" will challenge our most vulnerable students and provide them little resources as they stumble in this new educational setting due to shelter in place. Victoria will work with the Beset of Silicon Valley and build partnerships in the private sector and non-profit organizations to allow Silicon Valley's students and future work force to finally benefit from our region's vast resources. Victoria will also work to involve, engage, and welcome parents and the community in culturally responsive ways to focus on the needs of children and foster the growth of our young minds.